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English-Russian & Russian-English Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics by Dr. Anatoly Cherepovski

I started compiling this dictionary in 1990 picking up terminology from English and Russian books, periodicals, and ads. In the second half of the 20th century, English-Russian dictionaries of exploration (or applied) geophysics were published many times in the USSR and other countries, so I decided to start from the Russian-English collection of terminology (to be unique in the market). As a result, the Russian-English Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics was first published in 1995 (Nedra Publishers, Moscow, 8,500 entries, 800 copies).

Continuous development of this dictionary resulted in publication of the English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics in 1997 (Mining Academy Publishers, Moscow, 1,000 copies). This publication was sponsored by CGG (with personal support from Dominique Bertault, to whom I express personal gratitude).
This book was the only ever-published bilingual dictionary of geophysics containing both English-Russian and Russian-English sections. The dictionary has been edited by Prof. Ilya Tsvankin, Colorado School of Mines, and Yuri Savostyanov, Eurasian Geophysical Society (EAGO). Their contribution made the dictionary much more authoritative.

The second edition was published in 2002 (Mining Academy Publishers, Moscow, 1,000 copies) and contained 14,500 entries in the English-Russian section and 12,500 entries in the Russian-English section. This publication was sponsored by INGEO, Russian-American joint venture (personal gratitude to Dmitry Smirnov).

The third edition was published in 2008 (EAGE Publications BV, The Netherlands, 1,500 copies) and contained 15,500 entries in the English-Russian section and 13,500 entries in the Russian-English section.

Compilation of such a dictionary is an open-ended project, because no dictionary can cover all terminology, as many users want it. Geophysical terminology expands quickly, especially during recent years, however life of some terms and colloquialisms is short and they fall out of use.

The dictionary (the first edition) has been included to MULTITRAN (by A.Pominov). An electronic version of the dictionary is prepared and distributed by the author in a format of the Lingvo 12, x3 system (developed by ABBYY, Moscow). You are free to download a small part of the dictionary, namely the dictionaries of acronyms and abbreviations used in exploration geophysics, from the website of the Association of LINGVO Lexicographers, section Geophysics (click to the corresponding link in this page).

Please forward requests for the dictionary to:
Dr. Anatoly Cherepovski
1-56 Irina Levchenko str., Moscow, Russia 123298

The site was created in December, 2002.
Updated: April 26, 2011

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